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Centenary of Ella Maillart’s participation in the Olympic Games in Paris

100 years ago, Ella Maillart took part in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. The young Genevan had no hesitation in putting forward her candidacy in a context that was not very favourable, as boats sailing on Lake Geneva were not allowed to compete. At Meulan - Les Mureaux near Paris in 1924 the young sailor, who had been taking part in numerous regattas since the age of fourteen, entered the dinghy category, with a boat provided by the organiser. She was not only the youngest competitor in the event, but also the first woman in the world to helm a sailing boat in an Olympic competition.

To mark the centenary, 20-year-old Noémie Fehlmann, world champion in the Nacra 15 category, has been invited to represent Switzerland at the Centenary of the 1924 Olympic Regatta, from 14 to 16 June in Les Mureaux. During these commemorative events on the Seine, she will be racing in the same outfit as Ella Maillart in her day.


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