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The Friends of Ella Maillart Association

Created in 1998, the Association Les amis d'Ella Maillart aims to perpetuate the memory and to inform about the Swiss traveler, in particular through the maintenance of the exhibition installed at Espace Ella Maillart, through publications, annual meetings and events. The Association maintains the website, allowing a wider audience to learn about her. Membership fees are used to fund the above activities. Members are regularly informed about publications and events relating to Ella Maillart. To join, please return the enclosed form. For more information you may contact:

Association Les amis d'Ella Maillart

case postale 20

CH-1292 Chambésy, Suisse

Je souhaite adhérer à  /  I wish to become a member of
Les Amis d’Ella Maillart

Cotisations annuelles en CHF (veuillez indiquer votre choix) ou équi-valent en Euros / Annual membeship fees in CHF (please indicate you choice) or equivalent in Euros :

Merci pour votre demande d'adhésion, nous vous contacterons dans les meilleurs délais. Vous recevrez nos communications par email.

Thank you for your membership request, we will contact you shortly by email. 

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